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Your home should always welcome friends and family with warmth. There are so many options to choose from when it comes to heating your home that it may be confusing. We’ll help you choose the system that will not only heat your home, but will also be energy efficient.

We are often called to work with homeowners or contractors to solve heating “issues” – including areas of the home that aren’t getting enough heat or to address energy efficiency concerns. Diagnosing and solving heating issues is our area of expertise.

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Forced Air/Furnace/Hydro Air

A forced-air heating system uses air to transfer heat from the furnace to the rooms in your home. It does this by utilizing ductwork, vents, and plenums to distribute the air throughout your home. Forced air heat is very common in our area. The air is heated by gas, oil, propane, hydronic, or electricity within the furnace. The furnace and ductwork systems are typically located in the basement or attic space. To maximize the efficiency of the system it is important that the ductwork is properly sealed and insulated. This is done to make sure the air gets to the rooms it will be heating instead of being lost in the basement or attic areas due to leaking ductwork.

  • Furnace installation and replacement
  • Customized ductwork for space restrictions
  • Vent installation

Hydronic Baseboard and Radiator Heating

Hydronic heat works by heating water in a boiler and then pumping it to the radiators and baseboard through the distribution piping in the home. When the heated water reaches the baseboard or radiators it releases its heat to the ambient air to heat the living space. As the heat is drawn from the radiators it then returns to the boiler to be reheated. The water is heated by gas, oil, propane or electricity within the boiler.

  • Runtal baseboard and radiator installation
  • Standard baseboard heat installation and replacement

Hydronic Radiant Heating

Hydronic radiant heating works as hot water flows through tubing located in your home’s floor. It provides an even heat that is silent, healthy, and highly efficient. Energy savings between 20 and 40% can be achieved in certain applications. Radiant hydronic heating works well with all types of hardwood flooring, stone or ceramic tiles, and laminate flooring. Our clients’ who utilize this type of heating love that the floor stays at a very comfortable temp and keeps their feet nice and warm.

What you may not realize is that there are also outdoor applications to melt snow on driveways or walking paths – say goodbye to shoveling!

  • Radiant heating efficiency analysis and installation
  • Exterior applications for walkways and driveways

Ductless/Mini Split

Ductless, mini split systems are great for both heating AND cooling – it’s the best of both worlds in a compact little system. Mini splits are particularly useful when it’s not possible to add ductwork in the walls/ceiling, or if you have specific rooms in your house that aren’t sufficiently supplied with hot or cool air. Units can be mounted on the wall, on the floor, or recessed in a ceiling if framing allows. These highly efficient systems are operated by a simple remote control for on-demand air and powered by an extremely quiet exterior heat pump.

  • Heating system evaluation
  • Mini split installation
  • Condenser preventative maintenance

Steam Heat Radiators

Massachusetts boasts quaint old houses. However, along with all that “charm” often comes antiquated steam heating systems. Boilers produce steam which is sent through the heating system’s distribution piping and then on to the radiators. Some of these radiators are unattractive and can take up a lot of needed space. Utilizing new, wall-mounted steam radiators, that are atheistically pleasing and boast a smaller footprint, have become very popular. You can still have that “vintage” look, but in a smaller unit. Or you have the option of a more sleek and modern look if that is more your style.

  • Radiator replacement
  • Boiler replacement

Preventative Maintenance

We’ll make sure your system is up-to-date and running as efficiently as possible by providing regular routine maintenance.

  • Boiler maintenance and replacement
  • Heating system diagnostics
  • Jim and his crew did such a great job with the plumbing during my kitchen remodel that they are the only ones I call whenever I have a plumbing or furnace issue.

    Kate G.
  • The Lavallee team took the time to understand our heating and cooling issues before making a recommendation for a mini split system. In the end, the mini splits were the answer to our temperature problems - they made a huge difference in our home.

    Nancy S.
  • At FBN we believe that first and foremost we are a “customer service organization.” Our growth and success have been through surrounding ourselves with like-minded people and companies that believe that as well. Lavallee Systems has supported and enriched that approach through their timely response and excellent service over the years, and we would recommend them highly. They “get it” and are a great partner with us in caring for our clients’ homes.

    Bob Ernst FBN Construction
  • Jim Lavallee and his team are awesome! Great communication, easy to work with and very highly skilled. They are our go-to trade partner for HVAC and plumbing.

    Kevin Cradock Kevin Cradock Builders
  • As Architects, we truly appreciate HVAC Contractors who can work collaboratively with us to achieve a house that performs as beautifully as it looks.  Jim and his team are a dream to work with.  We recommend them without reservation for their in-depth knowledge of systems old and new, their thoughtful problem-solving skills, and their friendly and reliable service.

    Rachael (Sansom) Kraft Hickox Williams Architects
  • I have had the pleasure of working with Lavallee Systems on several occasions where they installed HVAC systems designed by us at SUN Engineering, Inc. We design only high-end HVAC systems for the most discriminating architects, homeowners, and builders in the Boston area. The projects on Commonwealth Ave and at Rowe’s Wharf in Boston were very challenging with little room for HVAC modern systems, and they performed flawlessly.

    Their workmanship was impeccable, the site coordination and professionalism second to none and we will continue to suggest them for high end residences in the future.

    Sean Fennessy Sun Engineering
  • Having worked closely with Jim and Lavallee Systems for the last 5 years on many projects, including a couple that were exceedingly complex, I can honestly say that their focus on technical knowledge and customer service coupled with their "can do" approach, make them a welcome collaborator for Adams + Beasley.  Every project encounters unforeseen obstacles, in-process curveballs, and client requests that challenge the team.  Lavallee Systems employs an approach to quickly propose solutions, help the team adjust their sails, and keep the project on track.  We are grateful for our ongoing relationship."   

    Eric Adams Adams + Beasley Associates
  • We have had nothing but excellent experiences with Jim Lavallee and his team of expert plumbing and HVAC specialists. They are creative problem-solvers, professionally astute, and accommodating. They listen, offer cogent explanations of equipment and methodologies, and look for solutions that integrate with the architecture and design intent of our projects. Not only have they been a vital part of our architecture and construction teams, but we readily recommend them when clients or past clients need help. It is a pleasure to be able to pass their name on to people we care about.

    Maggie Booz Smart Architecture
  • Lavallee Systems has become our go-to HVAC subcontractor. Their long experience in the industry and their commitment to staying ahead of the curve has proven invaluable, particularly as we have transitioned more and more to heat pump technology. They are courteous and professional, and they always stand behind their work. We couldn’t ask for a better partner for our remodeling projects.

    Rachel White Byggmeister