Our Team

Lavallee Systems is comprised of professional, highly-trained plumbing, HVAC, and technicians. We pride ourselves on our solution-based philosophy to make sure we resolve even the most difficult heating, cooling, and plumbing problems. Whether we are partnering with an award-winning contractor or working directly for a homeowner, all of our clients are highly valued. Together we strive to make sure each project turns out as planned…if not better!

The adventure started in 1991 when I thought owning my own business would allow me more freedom. Ahh…take me back to the days of the ‘big dream.’ Well, I quickly learned that starting a business does not always allow that freedom right away. ‘Paying your dues,’ as they say, comes first…and I did. The journey we have been on has been challenging yet rewarding and well worth the effort. Working with our amazing clients and helping to make “dream homes” a reality is a very rewarding endeavor. The first 25 years have been an amazing experience. Seeing the team we have built, and the incredible clients we have, makes me look forward to the next 25 even more.


Our Team
Jim Lavallee, President

In Jim’s own words, it all started as an “adventure.”