Air Quality

Whole-home indoor air quality solutions are vital to the health and comfort of your family. When your HVAC system removes allergens, pollutants and toxins from the air, as well as controls humidity – your family can breathe easier.

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Cold air outside + your furnace = dry, itchy skin. Whole-home humidifiers distribute humidity throughout your home using your existing heating system. The humidifier is fed directly from your home’s plumbing and uses electrode technology to create steam when there is a need for more humidity. This eliminates the need to buy, refill and regularly clean multiple portable humidifiers. Not only does your health benefit from the added moisture, your hardwood floors, paint and furniture will be less prone to drying out, peeling or cracking.


Some homes, or areas within a home such as a finished basement, have too much humidity – particularly during the summer months. Dehumidifiers offer a solution to pull moisture out of the air – ridding your home of the damp air that not only leaves you feeling cold and clammy, but also encourages mold growth.

Air Filtration/Purification

Dust mites and microbes and bacteria… oh my! You may not want to know what unseen dangers are lurking in the air in your home. However, the solution to providing clean, pure air can be added to your home’s forced hot air or central air-conditioning system. System fans blow the air through filters as it circulates through your home. Several types of systems are available. Let us recommend the right system for your home, as well as a service plan to keep your air and HVAC system clean.

Make-Up Air Systems

Newer homes are often constructed so well-insulated and air-tight that fresh, outside air can’t get in. This is particularly dangerous when you have a hood vent over your stove. In fact, every time an exhaust fan pulls air out of your home, an equal volume must replace it, known as “make-up” air. If enough air doesn’t enter the home through passive ventilation (random leaks around windows, doors etc.), make-up air can be pulled in through water-heater flues or down chimneys which can cause dangerous gasses, such as carbon monoxide, to be drawn in through back drafting.  Make-up air systems are installed to ensure that only clean, fresh air is pulled in.

Energy Recovery Ventilation

The Aprilaire Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV) exchanges stale, polluted indoor air with fresh, clean outdoor air throughout your entire home without wasting energy. It is installed as part of your central heating and cooling system, or as an independent system. Reduce VOCs, odors, and humidity with less impact on your energy bills.  

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