The Beauty of Free-Standing Tubs

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We installed this tub with a “slipper” design – it rises up on either side so you can recline as you bathe.

The homeowner chose a “transitional” design for this remodel – blending traditional design with modern touches including the sleek tub and glass shower.

We installed this restored, vintage tub in an antique home.

These homeowners were looking for a modern, “Zen” feel in their bath. We also installed a towel warmer and wall-mounted tub filler and faucets.

Bathroom trends have changed over the years, with many homeowners forgoing a tub in the master bath in favor a larger, walk-in shower. But for those homeowners who have enough space for both, many are opting to install soaker tubs to achieve a “spa-like” experience.

New bathroom technologies such as steam showers, body sprays, hydro-massage shower heads, towel warmers, and radiant-heat floors, soothe tired muscles, relax the body, and calm the mind. But nothing can replace a relaxing soak in a deep tub.

The trend today is to install freestanding soaking tubs rather than Jacuzzis with loud jets or built-in tubs that take up space, but aren’t often used. The tubs also come in a wide range of materials and finishes, such as wood, copper, and enamel, and often feature accents like old-fashioned claw feet or more modern shapes.

What to consider when choosing a tub:

There are a variety of materials for soaking tubs.

FIBERGLASS – This is generally the least expensive option and is relatively easy to install.
ACRYLIC – Lightweight and easy to care for although it may crack and discolor over time.
CAST IRON – It’s a classic for a reason. Iron is heavy, sturdy, and are particularly nice in older, restored homes for an elegant look.
COPPER and STAINLESS STEEL – Copper tubs come in a range of modern to traditional styles, such Japanese soaking tubs. They also conduct heat very well. Stainless steel can be a stunning addition to a glamorous bathroom, however, in either case, these options are very pricey.
STONE – We’ve seen some incredible hand-carved stone bathtubs made from marble, travertine, sandstone and granite. Can you say HEAVY?? These tubs make a bold statement, retain heat well, but require a reinforced floor.