Would a ductless mini-split system be a good choice for your home?

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At Lavallee Systems, we have been installing more ductless mini-splits this last year than ever before. These units allow homeowners the flexibility to add heating and cooling to an area without ductwork and to create a more energy-efficient home. These little powerhouses offer homeowners comfort and efficiency without a major disruption to the home.

There are many advantages to using ductless heat pumps.

  • Avoids ductwork – No need to install bulky ductwork. Mini-split units use an indoor unit that is connected to an outdoor unit via refrigerant lines. You can attach up to 8 units to one outdoor unit.
  • Cuts heating costs – Using a mini-split can cut your costs in half compared to conventional electrical systems. Since the units transfer heat rather than generate it, the ductless mini-split pump uses 60% less energy than other electric heating systems.
  • Cuts cooling costs – The mini-split uses more advanced compressors and fans to adjust speed, which saves energy.
  • Allows temperature flexibility – Each unit can be set to a specific temperature, which will enable you to heat each room individually.

Many people believe that using heat pumps in colder climates will not provide the heat they need. As outdoor temperatures drop, the heat pump must work harder to heat the outside air. Today, however, there are heat pumps designed with advanced compressors and refrigerants that allow better performance at low temperatures to solve this issue.

Would your home be a good candidate for a mini-split? Here are several situations where homeowners are turning to ductless heat pumps instead of typical electrical heating.

  • You live in an older home with no ductwork and would like to add heating or cooling,
  • You need heating or cooling in a room not used very often (basement, sunroom)
  • You need to heat or cool additions or other detached buildings (barn, shed, garage)
  • You live in a home with costly heating (electric baseboard, electric radiant, or furnace)



Have you considered a mini-split for your home but still have questions? Give Lavallee Systems a call, and we can help you make the best heating and cooling choice for your home.