Meet The Staff! Lavallee Systems Production Manager and Plumbing Estimator Chris Coran

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Chris Coran has earned his designation as longest-standing employee at Lavallee Systems — boasting over 15 years with the company.  During his tenure, he has seen the organization grow from a single-focus plumbing company to a multi-disciplinary organization that offers plumbing, HVAC, and electrical services to residential remodelers and area homeowners.  

While he began his career as a lead plumber in the field, he steadily grew into his role as Production Manager and Plumbing Estimator.  As Production Manager, he oversees all the field work across three trades, reviews customer proposals, and makes sure Lavallee Systems runs efficiently.  If that sounds like he wears a lot of hats, he does! He notes that he gets great satisfaction from a job where “every day is different.”  In any given week, he might create project estimates, work with suppliers and vendors, connect with area remodelers regarding their projects, create pathways for staff to grow their skills, and visit various job sites to oversee the quality and efficiency of the work in the field.  

One of Chris’ favorite projects at Lavallee Systems has been to design and build the LS Training Room.  Almost universally, the biggest challenge in this industry is finding and keeping trained technicians.   The development of the LS Training Room allows Lavallee Systems to train interns, co-op students, and apprentices on every aspect of their position right from the company offices. From basic installation and repair techniques to developing an understanding of the latest technological advances in equipment in the industry, the LS Training Room is the space where technicians can hone their skills and keep current. Overall, developing the LS Training Room will ensure that Lavallee Systems is positioned to grow with highly trained technicians for years to come. Chris and his team have installed an array of mechanical equipment including HVAC systems, mini-splits, plumbing units, and electrical equipment in the training facility.  Company technicians worked together with Chris’s guidance to complete the LS training room.  It has been a labor of love for all involved. 

When Chris isn’t working hard at Lavallee Systems, he enjoys spending his free time with family and friends.  “I’m happiest with a house full of family. I always hated an empty house.”  Chris is a man of many skills.  He has an aptitude for building and fixing.  If there is something that needs to be put together or a car that needs to be fixed, Chris is the guy for the job.  Chris can also play a mean guitar.  When he is not busy, he takes time to hone his guitar skills with friends and fellow Lavallee employees.  

One cause that is dear to Chris’s heart is Veteran’s affairs.  He has always had a desire to help veterans in need.  He recently worked with EM NARI on a project for Rebuilding Together Boston that assisted a WWII veteran to modify his home so he and his wife could safely remain living in his community. The couple lived in the three-decker in the community for over 30 years and the work done by Chris and the entire team ensured that the space would be safe and functional for years to come.