Boiler update in Dover

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For so many of us, that hot shower is not a luxury. From waking up in the morning, to washing away the day’s cares, a reliable and efficient source of hot water is critical. But that hot water supply comes at a cost – and with a variety of choices. Hot water heaters typically need to be replaced every 7-9 years, so this purchase is likely one that nearly every homeowner will make along the way. So, what do you need to know to choose the right unit for you and your family?

Capacity: Tanks can range from 30 to 119-gallon capacity and can operate directly or indirectly.  Larger water tanks will accommodate more people and more appliances using hot water.

Direct-fired vs. Indirect: A direct-fired water heater has its own burner, while indirect water heaters rely on a boiler’s energy to heat the water.

Tankless (On Demand): There are also on-demand water heaters that provide hot water only as it is needed.  These systems are usually referred to as tankless water heaters, as there is no tank to store the water.  While tankless water heaters are great for 1-2 person homes, tank type water heaters provide more standby capacity for a larger family.

A Dover homeowner recently called us about preventative maintenance and an intermittent hot water issue. The home’s water heating system relied on a boiler to supply the energy to heat the water. So, as part of the service, we needed to evaluate the boiler’s condition.  The unit was a “combi” boiler – meaning the home’s heat and hot water were all produced in one unit. Our inspection revealed that the boiler would need to be replaced. After reviewing the different options for replacement based on the homeowner’s needs, we recommended replacing the current boiler with a Triangle Tube Prestige boiler with an indirect water heater.  Combi boilers are great when used in the correct application. Due to the higher demands for hot water and the limited output from a combi boiler, this was not the right fit for this homeowner. Hot water usage is an especially important discussion to have when designing this type of system. This new install is designed to produce a more consistent, reliable source of hot water.