A new HVAC system brings comfort, quiet, and efficiency to this Acton home

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For this project, Lavallee Systems technicians removed the existing high velocity HVAC system which was noisy, inefficient, and left much of the space uncomfortable and unevenly conditioned. In replacement, we installed a combination of Mitsubishi ducted and ductless units. Installed were two compact ducted air handlers to accommodate the master suite, a ducted air handler to accommodate the third-floor movie and gaming areas, two ducted air handlers to accommodate the remainder of the second floor, and a high wall ductless unit for the office. All indoor units were driven by two whisper-quiet, extremely efficient outdoor condensing units.


As with most retrofit applications, one of the main challenges is to create as little disturbance as possible to the finished space. We were able to install four of the air handlers in the third-floor knee walls where the builder is installing access doors for future service to match the decorative paneling bordering the room. 

The unit for the third floor was installed in the attic where this is plenty of room to perform routine service. 

Lastly, in the office, the most of the piping was run for indoor unit connections. The builder will be creating a custom trim soffit to hide all of the piping while leaving the high-wall ductless unit perfectly accessible for service. Improving the overall comfort and efficiency of the HVAC system was a must, which is why Mitsubishi was the perfect fit for this project. Utilizing Mitsubishi’s zoned comfort solutions, we were able to achieve an unmatched evenness and comfort, while also reducing energy usage by creating multiple zones that are used only when the space is occupied.


Mitsubishi is leading the industry in zoned comfort solutions, by creating energy efficient products that will satisfy nearly every application. Whether there is no room to install air ducts, loud equipment keeping you up at night, or there is a need to offset high heating fuel costs, or… everybody just simply likes to keep their rooms at different temperatures, there is likely a great fit to check all of the boxes required to keep everyone comfortable with this type of system.